Do you anticipate the emerging future?

Are you looking to be prepared for your next stage of life, increase your impact or influence society?

Do you want to be able to build relationships that are meaningful and contribute to shared purpose?

Do you need clarity and motivation to help you focus on only doing the right things?

Do you wish you could see the future and start to understand your preferred future to find out who to become?

How about combining your intuition and imagination with a proven process to explore your preferred future perspective?

The Challenge Starts In:

Accelerate Your Future Starts November 15th 7pm CET

This Challenge Is For You!

Here is your chance to accelerate your future! In this 5-day challenge, give yourself permission and surround yourself with peers who want to go all in too!

Put your busyness and to-do lists aside, stop walking alone and stop walking backwards into your future.

Let your creative inside lead you! Be courageous and allow yourself to stand out! Face the future, embrace the unpredictable and start creating your preferred future.


I will give you direct access to my insights and reveal my 5-Step process to accelerate your own future life (home, occupation and society). 

Find out what you’ve been missing!  Explore your preferred future based on your purpose and passion. Find it inside yourself and be inspired by the right people around you.

I’ve stepped up to reveal this step by step process to futurize your life, which was hidden and only accessible for the happy few.

Now it’s your turn…


  • A 5-day LIVE and highly-interactive challenge to shape your future perspective, anticipating on future growth and making intentional choices for the best future.
  • Join the Facebook LIVE daily or the replay on demand.
  • An ongoing exchange of experiences within a private Facebook group, a safe place.
  • Interaction with new connections for mutual inspiration and encouragement.
  • The Future Challenge is designed to fit into your personal or professional development time.

Time Sensitive: This 5-day LIVE and highly-interactive challenge will give you a fresh future perspective for focus, growth, or making intentional choices for the best future.


  • LIVE access to each session via ZOOM to enjoy the LIVE interaction with other participants and your host Arjan Visser.
  • Lab Time with your host and peers to reflect on daily assignments and deep dive into new insights.
  • VIP BONUS: On-Demand access to videos and training to develop ownership and self-leadership (value: €997)
  • WIN: Eligibility to win one of the 10 tickets for a personal 60-min challenge reflection session with Arjan (value: €300+)


Human Centered Futurist: Leading individuals to read the times and start preparing for a new age beyond 2030, a Creative Age of people first

Strategy Facilitator: Serving organizations of all sizes to move forward and upwards by focusing on the right things to do

​Executive Coach: Partnering with leaders and entrepreneurs for their own growth and of those they lead to increase the impact of their actions

Mastermind Host: Connecting leaders to find their voice of influence and accelerate individual convergence of home, work and society

A 5 Day adventure of new insights and future language…

It is all about finding new language. Yesterday’s words repeat the past, today’s confirms the present, but only tomorrow’s language creates the future – Arjan Visser


I want to develop a clear picture of the fruits I want in my life in the next season…

– Benj Street (United Kingdom)

I want to stay focused and know when to say yes or no…

– Kerstin Schaupp (Germany)

I want to understand who I should become…

– Trond H. Sand (Norway)